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What To Wear to a Spray Tan

What To Wear to a Spray Tan | What I’m Wearing February 27, 2016 ♦ HOW I WORE IT, How To, Outfits, What to wear to... ♦ No Comments on What To Wear to a Spray Tan | What I’m Wearing Twee...
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The Perfect Summer Tan Guide!

How to get the perfect summer tan Posted on January 4, 2016 We are well into summer now and there is one thing on everyone mind. The perfect summer tan. These are the tanning products that ...
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1 Dress Wear it 4xWays

Little Tanning Dress has specifically designed our tanning dresses to that they can not only be worn for post-spray tanning but also as a fashion piece. The Layla maxi dress is the perfect additi...
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Fake Tan Tips from Styling You

Little Tanning Dress recently received the 'Tick of Approval' from Styling you blogger Nikki Parkinson. She wrote about the 15 Best Fake Tan Tips for 2016 to ensure you get the best fake tan poss...
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